Gardening Resouces

Soil Testing

The Benefits of Soil Testing:

    •  Take advantage of nutrients already in the soil.

    •  Identify nutrients that are lacking in the soil.

    •  Reduce fertilizer applications by applying only what is needed.

    •  Provide a proper balance of plant nutrients.Adjust soil pH to an optimum level.

    •  Reduce chances of excess nutrients getting into water sources.

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Master Gardeners in the Classroom

MGARC has developed classroom presentations for Kindergarten through second grade students throughout Rogers County.  The lessons reflect current Oklahoma science standards and include:

  Kindergarten:  What Plants Need to Live and Grow

  First Grade:  Plant Parts

  Second Grade:  Beneficial Insects:  Pollinators and Predators, and The Anatomy of a Seed

Master Gardener volunteers are former educators or received training in working with children.  Our goal is to increase knowledge about plants by having children ask questions, build models to represent learning and develop experiments to test concepts.  We supply all materials and 2 volunteers per classroom.  If you would like a presentation for your Rogers County classroom, please scroll to the bottom and leave a reply. We will contact you!

What's Growing in Our Landscapes

CLICK HERE to see examples of plants growing in the local area.

Oklahoma Public Gardens and Horticultural Attractions

This is a link to a list of public gardens and horticultural attractions throughout Oklahoma. Get out there and enjoy the beauty!  CLICK HERE for the list.

Rogue Hoes for Sale - While supplies last

The Master Gardeners of Rogers County are offering Rogue Hoes for sale:  short and long handled.  Each hoe is hand-crafted – 100% made in the USA – from recycled agricultural disc blades. Made of high grade tempered steel, most models are sharpened on 3 sides. They DO hold an edge! CLICK HERE for more information and prices.

Recommended Gardening Websites

    •  Oklahoma Proven - Want to know about plants that do really well in Oklahoma?  Then visit the Oklahoma Proven website created by OSU. Oklahoma Proven is a plant promotion program coordinated by faculty in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University. The goal of the program is to recommend plants well-adapted for use across Oklahoma.  CLICK HERE to visit the site.

    •  OSU Fact Sheets - OSU Fact Sheets are another important resource to find research based information on any number of horticultural topics.  CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Follow these steps to find the information you want.

        1.  CLICK HERE for a grouping of all horticulture related fact sheets arranged by areas of interest.

        2.  Once you find the fact sheet of interest, make a note of the corresponding number and the fact sheet title.

        3.  Type this information into a search engine (such as Google or Bing).  The search results should come right up to the fact sheet you want in either the first or second position.

    •  Oklahoma Gardening YouTube Videos -Did you miss an episode of Oklahoma Gardening or forgot to record the show?  Well stop throwing things at your television!  Now you can find your favorite episodes on YouTube.  CLICK HERE to watch Oklahoma Gardening on YouTube.  And don't forget to subscribe to the Oklahoma Gardening YouTube channel so you can search for titles much more easily.