Hydroponics Course

On September 6th, a class on Hydroponic Gardens was presented to 9 members of the MGARC.  The class, presented by Master Gardeners, Clark Shilling and Floyd Culp covered the construction, operation and maintenance of a “Dutch Bucket” hydroponic system. Clark presented a PowerPoint slide show that covered the principles of hydroponic gardening and the kinds of plants that can be grown.  Floyd assembled a “Dutch Bucket”, showing what is needed to complete one.   After the presentation, five Dutch Bucket systems were given away to students.   The class then traveled to the Master Gardener’s hoop house to see the demonstration hydroponic garden that was set up this year.    

The demonstration garden at the hoop house was built and planted in April by Floyd Culp.  Assistance was provided to Floyd by Master Gardeners Allan Law and Butch Kindley in operating and maintaining the hydroponic garden during this past summer.  Comparisons were made between growth and production of tomatoes planted in the raised bed gardens at the hoop house and the hydroponic garden.

Hoop House Construction