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Sudden Oak Death: It is unlikely that this disease (Phytophthora ramorum) is present in Rogers County-however it is worth learning a little about – as it is a huge problem on the west coast-and nursery stock is probably the way it will be spread into Oklahoma. John E. Haase -Extension Educator, Horticulture/4-H OSU-Rogers County

CLICK HERE to view a Pest E-alert from the OSU Extension.

Master Gardeners in the News featured recent Teaching Garden additions in an on-line article. Click HERE to view the article.

A recent article in the Claremore Progress about the Rogers County Master Gardeners. Click HERE to view the article.

An article about herbs in Claremore Progress. Click HERE to view the article.

A recent article in the Claremore Progress about new signage for the Master Gardener’s Teaching Garden. Click HERE to view the article.


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Bigger-or-Different-is-Better Contest

2020 Contest Rules                                                            

  1. Entries must be grown by the entrant in 2020.
  2. Entries may be submitted by 09/30/2020 at one of the MGARC meetings or by appointment at the Rogers County Building or by submitting a photo of the entry on an accurate scale (a weight watchers scale works for the lighter items and a digital bathroom scale for the melons will do).  Photo must show scale, display, and veggie. Please submit to Ross by text or email.
  3. Watermelons, tomatoes and peppers will be judged by weight only.
  4. Sunflowers will be judged by measuring the seed head across its widest point (empty seed wells created by bird feeding will be included in the measurement).
  5. Oddly-shaped veggies will be judged in accordance with the fanciful notions of the membership in attendance at the October business meeting. Those veggies may be on display (at association meetings) during the growing season, but final judging will include pictures of the entries that matured earlier in the year.
  6. A Judge will be available with scales, tape measure and free comments within 3 days of a request. So please plan ahead in the case of a perishable item that won’t last until the next MGARC meeting.
  7. Entries may be discussed all summer.  Winners will be announced at the October business meeting and certificates will be presented at the awards meeting in November.
  8. MGARC judges’ decisions will be final. Entries may be thoroughly examined (a theoretical 25 lb. pepper might cause the judge to look for a loaded veggie).
  9. In the event of an alleged 50# watermelon, an effort will be made to weigh the item at the entrant’s location.
  10. The contest is limited to MGARC members in good standing whom may enter any or all of the categories.
  11. Contestants may replace an entry with a better one as the season progresses (one time).
  12. Entry Fee (none)


The contestant with the winning entry in each category will receive recognition of that singular feat at the October and November MGARC Business meetings, and a Certificate of Merit detailing his/her accomplishment at the awards meeting.

So let it be written.