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2021 Calendar Sampler

Calendars must be ordered in advance. To order, email John Haase or Tom Maier with your name and quantity. Orders need to be placed by December 6th.

  • Members may pick up their calendars at the Teaching Garden parking lot on:
  • Saturday, 12/19 from 2-4 pm
  • Monday, 12/21 from 2-4pm
  • Tuesday, 12/22 from 2-4pm

All photos submitted for the calendar can be found below in Master Gardener News.

Master Gardener News

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Master Gardener Bylaws

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Master Gardener Committees

Below is a list of the committee chairs. If you would like to see a list of members on each committee, click the committee name (these committee lists are still being developed so come back soon for more).

  • Volunteer Development – Miriam Legett and Janice Hensley
    • Care and Concern – Linda Hopper
    • Master Gardener Field Trips – Dora Johnson
    • Calling Committee – Lila Martini
    • Member Recognition – Janice Hensley
    • New Class Coordinator – Miriam Legett
  • Education – Phyllis Stearnes
    • Education in the Classroom – Phyllis Stearnes, Susan Raasch
    • Fact Sheets – Cheri Murray
    • Plant Clinics at local businesses –
  • Teaching Garden Steering Committee – Janice Hensley
  • Events – Jerry Henry
    • Spring Home and Garden Show – Doris Olson
    • Safenet Garden Tour – Lisa Luce
    • Spring Plant Sale – Jerry Henry
    • Rogers County Free Fair – Kathy Klawitter
    • Fall Fund Raising Event – Jerry Henry
  • Garden Development – Tom Maier
    • Hoop House – Butch Kindley and Clark Shilling
    • Courthouse Landscaping – JoAnn Lynch
  • Communications and Public Relations – Jennifer Podowski
    • Website – Jennifer Podowski
    • Newsletter – Kay Waterman
    • Publicity to media outlets – Jim Stone
  • Promotion – Don Curry
  • Recorder – Connie Shilling

Event Schedules

Below is a list of the upcoming events for the Association. Click on the Event’s name or the Download button to see the schedule of work periods and who is signed up (these are still being created, so come back soon for more).